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Payment, pricing & promotions

All payments to Uplan must be made $(Canadian dollar). Uplan reserves the right to specify payment method at its sole discretion. Typical methods are:

A. Credit Card – Uplan will accept Visa or Master Card. Required information from the purchaser is the credit card number, expiration date, card holder’s name (exactly as it appears on the card), billing address, and valid telephone number for us to use in case of difficulty. Uplan reserves the right to delay shipment pending verification of credit card validity.
A. Wire Transfer – Transfer must be made to Uplan and confirmed for the full purchase amount prior to delivery. Please contact us by phone at 778-952-0376 for bank information.
C. Paypal – Uplan accepts Paypal order payments. All Paypal payments must be made to sales@bushman-panoramic.com. An extra charge of 3% for all orders not made through the www.bushman-panoramic.com e-shop will be charged.


Change of terms

Purchaser’s assent to these terms and conditions shall be presumed from the purchaser’s placement of any order through the Bushman-panoramic.com e-shop. Any and all other terms and conditions are expressly rejected, and no addition or modification of terms and conditions shall be binding without the prior agreement of Bushman Panoramic S.R.O. in writing.

Pricing varies depending on the square footage of the listing property. The price is calculated for a 1,400 sqft property.