Terms and Conditions

Payment, pricing, and promotions

All payments to Uplan must be made in Canadian dollars.

Payments should be made before the delivery of the product. 

Uplan reserves the right to specify the payment method at its sole discretion. Typical payment method is through wire transfer.

Transfer must be made to Uplan and confirmed for the full purchase amount prior to delivery. Please contact us by phone at 778-952-0376 or by email at info@uplan.co for bank information.



Cancellation made 24 hours or less will be subject to a charge of $50 for each service

Cancellation made on-site will be subject to a charge of $80 for each service

To avoid a cancellation fee, please provide a cancellation notice at least 24 hours prior to your appointment



Drone shots may be canceled or rescheduled due to weather, restricted airspace, or other reasons.

Floorplan is priced based on the actual size of the home.

Videography and 3D Matterport are priced based on the square footage provided by BC assessment. 

Uplan will store each Matterport 3D files for 2 months without charge. An additional hosting fee applies after 2 months.

Uplan is not responsible for the staging of homes.

Each video is sublicensed and should not be extracted for broad commercial use.

Unfinished area is considered as indoor space and will be priced accordingly.