Members designed a reliable and enough time-title reference to new frog, that’s a routine parasocial dating

Members designed a reliable and enough time-title reference to new frog, that’s a routine parasocial dating

The fresh new semi-planned interviews classification integrated three chief bits: basic recommendations, brand new motivation to own and you may contact with to try out Travel Frog, and you can individual life reputation and you will interpersonal dating. Inside very first guidance region, personal information and additionally ages, business, town of household, digital games choices and you may online game-to try out records are collected. About next part, interviewees responded inquiries instance “Exactly how do you learn more about this game?”, “As to the reasons do you get involved in it?”, “Just what did you think about the frog regarding video game?”, “Do you actually ever see it since your dogs/friend/partner/son?”, “As to the reasons or why don’t you?”, and you can “Maybe you have overlooked it?” The 3rd an element of the interviews is actually based on interviewees’ solutions in the last part in order to ask to their actual-lifetime disease. Instance, when your interviewee told you Travel Frog produced them feel comfortable, we may query whether or not the guy/she believed troubled actually and supply of the stress. When they said it enjoyed the lifestyle of the frog for the the next part, we could possibly have them view the current existence and explain its most readily useful life, etc. The particular interviews try based on the interviewees’ solutions, as well as the interviewer continued asking issues in order to ask much deeper to your the newest interviewees’ responses.


With regards to the interviews content, we unearthed that most interviewees first installed new app and you will first started to tackle to help you pursue a social pattern and you may express a familiar expertise in family relations. It did not respect this new frog about game once the a good son initially, however, concerned do it throughout the years as they played the newest online game. After repeated experience on frog, interviewees stated that it respected and you can appreciated this new frog’s illustrated lifestyle, and just how it appeared to relate to players. The latest psychological engagement and understanding of the latest frog failed to occur throughout the specific communication regarding the game however,, instead, the fresh new translation and you can creative imagination of one’s people. Furthermore, the brand new players’ thinking toward and you will views of one’s frog just weren’t limited to brand new Travel Frog online game, but expanded your outside of the video game. It projected the hopes of lifestyle easily to their experience of the fresh new frog, and you can wished to provides equivalent relationship along with their moms and dads otherwise college students, allowing the players to think of the latest frog as their kid. We instruct a couple good reason why players viewed the frog as their child: to the inner circle incelemesi help you project brand new guarantee of lifestyle freely and also to share its assumption out of a great father or mother-boy relationships.

Projecting the fresh new Promise out-of Life Freely

As reform of the industry system for the China, teenagers has actually experienced so much more particular dangers, nevertheless authorities hasn’t followed a complete passion system and you can social security measures to support personal innovation. The person need have confidence in himself otherwise herself.

Towards introduction of monetary rationality, the fresh new reputation and you may purpose of property keeps significantly improved, and you will assets control happens to be perhaps one of the most key elements of a good lifetime (Wu, 2016). The brand new role of one’s financial basis in marriage grew to become increasingly visible in both outlying and you will cities. The bride speed when you look at the outlying components are growing yearly. In the urban areas, prospective couples are expected to own an auto and you will a house just before ). Moreover, for most teenagers who are not regional populace inside a good area, if they need certainly to get regional urban hukou, that gives usage of public qualities and you may personal welfare, he or she is expected to purchase a home (Lui, 2017; Nie XING, 2011). High cost force these folks to function difficult and you may deal with overtime work to look after jobs balance in the face of jobless and you may tough competition (B. Liu, Chen, Yang, Hou, 2019). But not, teenagers data tough or functions overtime not just on account of the price tag off way of living and you may creativity can cost you, as well as for their standard for themselves.

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